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Previous Success Clinics

Reports to skyrocket your sales - session 1

Tuesday 14th March 11am-12pm GMT

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This session will explain how to gain greater visibility of your sales pipeline:

  • Understand your current sales pipeline and where opportunities are in the sales process
  • What are your sales team members’ conversion rates? How do you identify top performers?
  • How do you promote best practice within your sales team?

The importance of “qualified out” analysis

Tuesday 28th February 11am-12pm GMT

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When qualifying out of a deal, why not use the opportunity to capture information that may be useful at a later date? We’ll show you how to do that in the most effective way. We’ll review:

  • How to quickly capture important data such as the incumbent supplier and expiry dates
  • How to recycle old leads

Managing opportunities / deals by stage

Tuesday 14th February 11am-12pm GMT

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During this session we’ll explore the concept of managing key deals/opportunities as they progress through your sales process.

  • Quickly identify key deals within a list of data
  • Review opportunities that have progressed through specific stages

Bringing your data to life

Tuesday 7th February 11am-12pm GMT

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How can you better work with ‘lists’ of data? How can you quickly identify the most important information? How can you display data so that users get the insight they need quickly and efficiently? This session introduces example reports and configuration to help you do just that.

  • Improve adoption by making it easier for users to access important information
  • Improve efficiency of day-to-day tasks with simple and clear reports
  • Introduce colour / conditional styling to visually draw attention to key items