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How to Record Relationships with your Own Organisation

Adding a Partner, Customer, Supplier or Prospect relationship

Open the record for the Organisation or Person with whom you want to record a relationship.

Click in the checkbox(es) next to Partner, Supplier, Customer or Prospect as appropriate and click Save.  You can choose one or many of these classifications as the same Organisation or Person could have more than one type of relationship with your Own Organisation.  

NOTE:  In order to create these relationships you need the relevant Capabilities. Ask your System Administrator to make sure you've been granted the Capability to Relate own organisation CRM partner/supplier/customer, as appropriate. You don't need any specific Capability to tick the box next to Prospect.

Workbooks builds the relationship for you, which you can see when you open the Organisations tab.  In the example below, the organisation record for ABC Design Services has been opened and the boxes next to Partner and Supplier have been ticked.  In the Organisations tab, you can see that Workbooks has recorded the relationship between ABC Design Services and My Organisation.  This is a dynamic relationship so if you were to open the My Organisation record and look in the Organisations tab there you'd see ABC Design Services listed as being a Partner of and Supplier to My Organisation.


When you tick the partner, supplier or customer boxes, the following message appears:  This will create an agreement visible in the Agreements tab, when you save this form.  These Agreements allow you to record information about your agreements with these parties such as the Status of the Agreement, Credit Terms and so on.

Removing a Partner, Customer, Supplier or Prospect relationship

As long as you have the appropriate Capability as outlined above, removing a Partner, Supplier or Prospect relationship is easy - simply click on the checkbox to remove the tick.  Remember though that this will remove any Agreements that have been created.

Removing a Customer relationship is slightly different.  You don't have to have the Relate Own Organisation as a Supplier Capability to remove this relationship but you can't simply remove the tick from the checkbox.  Instead, open the Organisation tab on the record you want to change and look for the row that shows your Organisation as being a supplier to that customer.  At the far right, you should see a Delete button.  Using this does not delete your Organisation record, but deletes the Customer-Supplier relationship between the two Organisations. 

Adding a Competitor relationship

Open your Own Organisation's record and open the Organisations tab.  Click Add Relationship and from the drop-down menu choose Competitor of, which will open the Add Organisations window.

Enter part of the name of the Organisation you want to define as being your competitor and hit <Enter> to search for that Organisation name.  In the lower part of the screen tick the checkbox next to the right name and click Add.

The Competitor of relationship will now be recorded in both your Own Organisation's record and in that of your competitor.  Additionally, your competitor Organisation will now be listed in the Competitor view of the Organisations Landing Page.