Opportunity management

Enforce common methodologies to drive execution excellence throughout the sales cycle and improve conversion rates.

Workbooks gives you MORE.

More focus.
More consistency.
More insight.

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Improve conversion rates and grow revenue with Workbooks:

  • Focus time, effort and cost on the products, customers and approaches that work and spend less on those that don’t by analysing the effectiveness of activities and tasks at each stage
  • Embed good sales practice in your organisation by making sure that your sales team shares a common methodology
  • Address the needs of customers and prospects effectively by understanding where they are in the sales process with insight into key stakeholders and their engagement
  • Improve the quality of your pipeline by measuring its effectiveness and how well it converts
  • Better understand the risks in each deal, the competition and take decisive action in response
  • Monitor the progress of every opportunity from open to close with better visibility of stages in the sales cycle and the likely close dates

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