Sales performance metrics

Generate reports & dashboards to get real-time visibility into pipeline and individual sales rep performance. Easily identify improvement areas.

Workbooks gives you MORE.

More visibility.
More control.
More insight.

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Gain better control over your business, and drive increased revenue and profits with Workbooks:

  • Achieve greater results by identifying the people, market segments, products, and campaigns that are working and focus resources on them
  • Identify those that need support you can investigate them and either adjust them so they improve or drop them
  • Gain insight into your sales pipeline and performance by creating reports and dashboards
  • Improve execution, increase conversion rates and grow your revenues by understanding your sales performance
  • Find out how many of a certain product you’ve sold that month
  • See which salespeople are hitting and missing their targets
  • Find out how long your sales cycle takes on average, or in specific situations
  • Get real-time visibility on your sales pipeline, including potential revenue, products you need to manufacture, and salesperson managing the relationship

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