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Workbooks Reporting Training Course

Duration: 2 Days

Cost: £1,050 per attendee

Upcoming Dates:

Date Location Contact Us
Thursday 23 & Friday 24 January 2024 Reading Email Us
Thursday 29 February & Friday 1 March 2024 Reading Email Us

NOTE:  Dates are subject to change depending on the number of bookings received.  For up-to-date information on how to achieve your training objectives please speak to your Account Manager or Project Manager or contact


Once Workbooks is your ‘single point of truth’, you want to use it to help you monitor your business and to make insightful decisions.  Our 2-day Reporting course will introduce you to the basics of building Reports and Dashboards so you can share accurate information with your colleagues and stakeholders.  It also covers configuration using Reports / Dashboards.  This course is delivered face-to-face by an instructor, and gives delegates plenty of opportunity to get valuable experience by completing exercises within our trial database.

Course manuals will be provided with lots of space for you to write notes about what you learn and about aspects of the training that are important to you.

To enquire about dates beyond those shown above please contact

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for users who have the responsibility for producing Report and Dashboards within their company.

What Will I Learn?

On completion you will be able to:

  • Select the best method for creating your new Reports and identify which record type you should start with.
  • Create multiple views of data, presented in the way that best suits the audience for that Report.
  • Use commonly used reporting functions.
  • Share data with the appropriate users.
  • Enhance the configuration of your database using Reports and / or Dashboards.

What Are The Course Prerequisites?

These are no prerequisites for this course but we do recommend that delegates are familiar with the way in which their database has been set up.

Do I Need Any Special Knowledge To Take Part?

No, you don’t need to be particularly technical to understand Workbooks reporting but a good grasp of basic mathematics is helpful.  Delegates who are already familiar with Excel and using formulae tell us that they find Workbooks reporting very straightforward.  Whilst the training is carried out in a trial database it’s also useful if delegates have an idea of the sorts of reporting they’ll be doing in their live environment.

Course Outline

Course section Description To Cover
Understanding the Data Structure Overview of the structure of Workbooks records
  1. Workbooks records structure overview
  2. Relationships between record types
Views & Reports When should you use Views vs Reports? The advantages of using one approach over another
Creating new Reports What Report type should you use?
  1. Templates
  2. Pre-populated Reports
  3. Copying existing Reports
The Anatomy of a Report What are all the tabs for?
  1. Details views
  2. Summaries
  3. Columns & Criteria
  4. Advanced & Style tabs
Building Reports from scratch Creating your own report with no pre-defined information What record type to start with.
Sharing Reports How can you share the data with other users?
  1. Basic sharing
  2. Controlling what data another user can see
  3. Scheduled reports
Reporting on Transaction Records Considerations when reporting on Transaction records Implications of joining to other records
Commonly Used Functions Introduction to calculations and functions to help you provide accurate data
  1. IF
  2. CASE
Making your Reports more understandable Conditional Formatting & Charts
  1. Based on values
  2. Using CSS
  3. Introducing Charts & Targets
Configuration using Reports & Dashboards Using Reports and/or Dashboards to enhance the configuration of your system
  1. Report Cells, Frames & Tabs
  2. Dashboard Tabs
Bulk Actions How to automate simple processes
  1. Manual bulk actions
  2. Scheduling bulk actions

Location Of The Course & Directions

Our Workbooks office in Reading:

Unit 9, Suttons Park Avenue, Reading, RG6 1AZ. United Kingdom.

Please don’t rely on your sat nav to find us as they aren’t always as accurate as we’d like them to be.

For a map of our location please visit our Contact Us page.