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CRM Editions

£ $
£25 $39 €30
per user per month billed annually
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£55 $78 €65
per user per month billed annually
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Core Functionality CRM Business
Sales Management

Activity management, opportunity management, pipeline management, quotations, forecasting management.

Marketing Management

Campaign management, data management, lead aggregation, lead augmentation and deduplication, lead scoring and qualification, lead process management, multichannel lead management, lead nurturing.

Customer Service Management

Case management, knowledge management, Workflow/BPM, multichannel support, real-time continuous intelligence, SLAs management.

Order Management

Supplier management, order creation and processing, order fulfilment and invoicing.

Platform capability

  • Account & Contact Management
  • Workflows & Automation
  • Custom Layouts & Data Objects
  • Reports & Dashboards
  • Location Intelligence
  • Mobile
  • Security
  • Audit Trail
  • Sandbox & Testing
Extensions - must be purchased for all users
Extensions include Multi-company, Multi-currency, Multi-language, Advanced Security, Audit and Custom Records - each priced at £5.50 per extension. We offer a PRO version of our CRM (£40 PUPM) and Business editions (£68 PUPM) which include all the extensions together with the Contract Management module.
Modules - can be purchased for users who need them
This includes Contract Management (£5.50 PUPM), Exchange Integration (£6 PUPM), Mapping (£6 PUPM) and Event Management (£POA).

A free version of Workbooks CRM is available for up to 2 users. To view the limitations of the FREE Edition, click here. To sign up to the FREE Edition, click here.

CRM add-ons

Marketing Automation

In addition to core CRM functionality, Workbooks offer advanced Marketing Automation and Lead Generation capabilities to help increase efficiency and impact, drive greater engagement and revenue.

Email marketing from
£49 $72 €54 per month billed annually
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Web analytics & Intelligence from
£121 $182 €145 per month billed annually
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Social Media Advanced
£275 $385 €330 per month billed annually
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Note: The following functionality is automatically turned on at no charge: Advanced Email Workflow, Advanced Inbox Checker, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Pop-ups, SendForensics, Social Media Basic and Surveys.

Configure Price Quote

Workbooks CPQ simplifies and automates complex quotation processes.

Configure Price Quote
£35 $50 €41 per month billed annually
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TIBCO Cloud Integration

TIBCO Cloud Integration enables migration and integration from cloud-based and on-premise applications to Workbooks.

TIBCO Cloud Integration
£303 $495 €330 per month billed annually
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Can I mix and match licences?

Yes to a degree. Unlike some other vendors we don’t insist that all users have the same edition of Workbooks.  You can therefore have some users with the CRM edition and some with the Business edition. In this example, users with the CRM edition just won’t be able to see or access records like orders and invoices from the database.

Extensions like Audit or Multi-currency need to be purchased for all users. Modules like Exchange Integration and Contract Management need only to be purchased for users that require that additional functionality.

How do I choose between the CRM and the Business editions?

You need to understand which of your users need access to which records in Workbooks. Only the Business edition includes Sales Orders, Invoices, Credit Notes, Contracts and Supplier Purchase Orders.

So if any of your users need to create, view or edit these record types you will need the Business edition. The only exception is Contracts, which can be added as a standalone Module to the CRM edition.

What is the minimum subscription duration?

12 months.

Do I need to pay for data and file storage?

Workbooks contains 100GB of storage as standard. If you use more than 100GB you will need to upgrade your storage allowance.

What about Sandbox, API and Testing - what is included?

Workbooks includes 5 databases within each account at no extra cost. This allows you to run a production database and 4 additional databases for testing and development purposes. Each additional database environment will eat into your storage allowance so ensure you have enough storage to support your needs.

The API is also available at no extra cost (except the FREE edition).