Create a knowledgebase

Record customers’ common problems and solutions and create Knowledge Base cases. Build email templates to ensure communication is consistent.

Workbooks gives you MORE.

More quality.
More consistency.
More continuity.

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Bridge the knowledge gap and deliver the most effective customer service with Workbooks:

  • Build a knowledgebase by capturing and sharing information with all team members and customers the first time a query is answered
  • Improve service quality by building up a wealth of knowledge which can be used for future clients queries
  • Make information quick and easy to find by recording common problems and solutions in your searchable knowledgebase
  • Build email templates to answer common questions and provide consistent, accurate answers every time
  • Give team members access to information on previous similar cases or relevant articles to help them to provide useful advice to customers
  • Save time, effort and cost with a self-service portal which can also reduce the number of support calls freeing up agents to work on more value-add activities

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