Event management

Plan, organise and promote events. Enable delegates to self-register and automatically schedule and send communications.

Workbooks gives you MORE.

More awareness.
More communication.
More engagement.

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Raise awareness and interest in your brand, achieve longer, deeper engagement, and open the door to future contact with Workbooks:

  • Manage attendance easily by updating your system with attendance details automatically
  • Plan, organise and promote live events, webinars or training courses from within Workbooks
  • Enable delegates to self-register and, if appropriate, pay on the platform
  • Send reminder emails, information on directions, timings, speakers, accommodation
  • Check people in on the day using the Workbooks App and automatically update attendance in Workbooks
  • Manage, automate and streamline post-event communication
  • Schedule communication to contacts ahead of time, based on what is best practice for your business
  • Send reminders at the right time, personalise thank you emails and record payment
  • Integrate with third party event management platforms like GoToWebinar or Eventbrite
  • Free marketers up for value-add activities like conceiving ideas for events, attracting the highest calibre speakers, and connecting with delegates on the day

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