Contract management

Generate branded proposals and contracts. Use customisable templates so your proposals and contracts look the way you want. Incorporate electronic signatures for an easier buying experience.

Workbooks gives you MORE.

More accessibility.
More visibility.
More accuracy.

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Enhance your customer experience while protecting and building your firm’s revenue with Workbooks:

  • Create a great impression with configurable templates so your proposals and contracts are accurate, professional and compliant
  • Avoid mistakes by automating the contract creation process to dynamically populate fields from the information in your CRM
  • Easily edit contract and change terms
  • Manage contract renewals with automated notifications sent out when a contract is due to expire so you can take the appropriate actions early
  • Proactively manage your renewal cycle by triggering internal approvals or communications with customers at a timely point in their contract
  • Easily access all documentation linked to the contract and the contract itself within the relevant account record
  • Speed up the approval process and make life easier for your customers with e-signatures
  • Never fall out of contract with a supplier by storing contracts with your own suppliers and partners for full history and visibility of contract details

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