Automate repetitive tasks and remove the admin burden so that reps can focus on building relationships and selling.

Workbooks gives you MORE.

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More productivity.

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In your business you probably have process workflows that require the same set of actions to be performed on a regular basis. Workbooks CRM can save you a significant amount of time and money, by enabling you to easily automate those common and repetitive tasks, making them easier and less error-prone for users.

  • Automate common, mundane and repetitive tasks
  • Remove manual, error prone processes
  • Ensure follow-ups don’t fall through the cracks
  • Reduces sales staff procrastination
  • Work with a streamlined sales process
  • Enable better multitasking and increase productivity

Workbooks CRM can help drive automation across your business.

Lead management automation

Managing leads and entering data are tedious tasks that scream automation. Workbooks CRM can help you automate lead management and data entry, removing manual, error prone processes.

Lead nurturing automation

Workbooks CRM can help you with drip emails, follow-ups, metrics, reports and lead scoring. For every lead generated, Workbooks CRM can record sales and marketing engagement and set scores accordingly; it can send nurturing emails and create opportunities when the lead reaches a certain threshold – all automatically.

Calling automation

Workbooks CRM provides telephony automation. This includes one-click calling, call recording, automatic notes, direct reporting on regular calls and automated follow-up emails or tasks after a call.

Pipeline management automation

Need to transfer ownership to another rep when an opportunity reaches a new stage? Done. Create activities each time an opportunity is moved to a new stage in the sales cycle? Done. Workbooks gives you the key to better multitasking and increased productivity and improve your sales team’s performance by establishing consistent, winning best practices processes.

Customer support automation

This is vital for improving the customer experience. Workbooks CRM can help drive automation for customer support by sending faster responses to flagged queries, assigning reps to specific cases and managing regular customer inquiries.


Define what you want your processes to do… and automate with Workbooks CRM. Processes are easy to set up and maintain.

Scheduled processes allow you to define how frequently each process should be run, from every few minutes to monthly, or restricted to certain hours of the day or days of the week. For example you might schedule a process to check an external email server for new emails and import these into Workbooks to create new cases. Or change processes run in the background after the modification or deletion of a specific record in Workbooks CRM.

Web processes would typically appear on your website as a web form. Once for example a user enters their details on the form and hits send, a new sales lead is created in Workbooks CRM. Integration processes are designed for 3rd party integrations.

A process button can be added which, when clicked, initiates a specified process. For example, you might add a button to a case record that when pressed closes the case and automatically sends an email to the primary contact using a relevant email template. It is possible to perform bulk actions on reports. An example of this might be to create an automated process which creates invoices for selected orders.

The possibilities are truly endless.

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