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Cobham Microwave selects Workbooks Cloud CRM

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Reading, England, 25 March 2013

Cobham Microwave (Credowan Ltd) a long established manufacturer of waveguide assemblies and sub-systems, has chosen Workbooks CRM system to improve its management of sales opportunities and marketing campaigns and to deliver easy forecasting and reporting to the management team.

Chris Hood, Sales Manager of Cobham Microwave, commented, “I chose Workbooks having used both Salesforce for the past 4 years and Microsoft Dynamics in the past. I wanted a solution that was easier to customise and was more affordable for a business of our size, but that delivered the power of the larger systems.”

Cobham Microwave joins a growing number of businesses that have chosen Workbooks having compared it to Salesforce, or that have moved from Salesforce to Workbooks looking for a more intuitive and easy to use system at a more affordable price.

Ian Moyse, Sales Director at Workbooks, commented, “We are continuing to be selected by individuals who have had prior experience and knowledge of systems such as Salesforce, and know what they want and don’t want from their CRM selection. Typically we find that organisations are looking for a successful predictable outcome to their CRM project, with affordable costs and rapid user adoption. This is where we deliver with strength on all counts over the big brand and big cost names.”

Hood continued, “We wanted a system that was intuitive, that we could get to grips with quickly and that would also allow us to go beyond traditional CRM and allow us to process and have visibility of transactions in the system, without the usual big costs that this can entail.

Workbooks gave us all of this and more at a price that was affordable both for the licensing and implementation. To do this with the larger brands would have taken a lot more effort and certainly a lot more investment in both time and money. We have also been very pleased with the close working relationship we currently enjoy with Workbooks as a company.”

About Cobham Microwave

Credowan Limited, trading as “Cobham Microwave”, is based in West Sussex, UK, and is a long established (formed in 1947) manufacturer and supplier of waveguides including, Couplers, Combiners, High and Low Power loads, Rotating Joints, filters and waveguide sub-assemblies for Defence, Space and Industrial applications. They are part of Cobham plc – a UK based group with worldwide Defence and Aerospace interests, having companies across Europe and the USA. Cobham plc, has a turnover of more than £1 Billion, employing over 10,000 employees. See

About Workbooks is one of the fastest growing providers of web based CRM and business applications designed specifically for small and mid-size organisations.

Headquartered in the UK, our suite of products enables our customers to accelerate sales growth, improve marketing execution, streamline business processes and improve the quality of customer support they deliver. The Workbooks CRM Edition delivers easy to use sales force automation, marketing management and customer support tools.

The Workbooks Business Edition extends CRM to include the generation of transaction documents, such as customer orders, supplier purchase orders and customer invoices.

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