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Easter Bunny at Great Ormond St. Hospital

Type: #PR

With Easter nearly upon us, the team at felt the need to make our marketing more philanthropic.

We ran a survey of 750 UK based IT resellers to gain some insight into their views of CRM and Business applications and for each response we received we donated an Easter Egg to kids at the Great Ormond Street Hospital.

As you can see from the pics below we had over 150 people take the time to fill in our short questionnaire and in the office we have quite a lot of fun packing the eggs for shipment!


In terms of the survey, there were some interesting results. 17% of the respondents didn’t have any kind of CRM system in place, which I thought was quite high considering we are talking about IT resellers who you would expect to be pretty savvy with the business benefits CRM can deliver.

Over a third felt their CRM implementations would be more effective if the CRM system contained sales transaction information. This is no surprise to us at all. For sales and marketing folks there is significant benefit in having access to transaction data, which is typically locked-up in the Accounting System. Marketeers can run up-sell / cross-sell campaigns based on customers’ transaction history for example.

Another significant advantage is for customer support teams; over the past few months we have come across several resellers who believe they are giving their customers free technical support – because their support engineers don’t know if the customer is entitled to support or not. Having a more ‘joined-up’ view of their business data, provides the opportunity for some quick revenue wins, by ensuring customers are renewing their support agreements.

We hope that kids enjoy the Eggs and make a speedy recovery.