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GreenUrban selects Workbooks CRM to underpin its growth

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4th of September 2017, Reading, UK: Workbooks announces that GreenUrban Technologies Ltd, a leading manufacturer of diesel emission reduction technologies, has chosen Workbooks CRM to provide a platform to allow the company to streamline its sales and marketing processes and manage significant growth.

GreenUrban designs, manufactures and supplies world class diesel emission reduction technologies, for the cost-effective control of harmful emissions from passenger transport, freight and off-road fleets. The company also provides fleet upgrades that significantly improve safety, reduce operating expenses and help operators avoid penalty charges. With a mix of business systems including a website, email marketing, Outlook for email, cloud-based document management, spreadsheets and Sage accounting, GreenUrban is typical of many ambitious, mid-sized businesses.

“We implemented separate systems to address different needs as the company has grown,” said Nigel Standley, Managing Director, GreenUrban, “but as the systems are all disconnected, we have too many manual processes, and it’s very difficult and time-consuming to get an overall picture of the state of the business.”Established in 2003 to meet the burgeoning demand for low-emissions technology, GreenUrban has become a leader in the field of emissions technology by focusing obsessively on a no-compromise approach. GreenUrban specialises in: Design and manufacture of world class diesel emission reduction technologies, for cost effective control of harmful emissions from passenger transport, freight and off-road fleets; Development of low capex solutions to effectively maintain on and off-road fleets fitted with modern exhaust emissions control system technologies; Supplying fleet upgrades that significantly improve safety and reduce operating expenses.

Offering the customer cost effective products to avoid penalty charges, we can also offer fleet fuel saving and other technologies to save our customers money. With decades of expertise in the commercial emissions-control business, GreenUrban’s ground-breaking products continue to help fleet operators (as well as specialist equipment owners) to comply with every tightening emissions standards and continue to work profitably.

For more information, visit delivers cloud-based CRM and Marketing Automation applications to the mid-market, at an affordable price. Its services extend beyond sales, marketing and customer support to include order management and fulfilment, invoicing and supplier management, at a price which is typically 50-70% less than alternatives such as Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics.

Workbooks unites the entire organisation around data and processes, promoting teamwork and collaboration. It provides a single 360-degree view of customers and the information is accessible anytime, anywhere. Productivity increases, operations streamlined, insightful decisions made and the business is better equipped to differentiate against the competition.

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Christelle Fraysse