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How the cloud is revolutionising CRM

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CRM has become a staple for businesses of all sizes, with even SME adoption levels now reaching 68%, according to a new survey from Workbooks. However, success rates for CRM remain too low. For every business achieving its goals of phenomenal business transformation, another will have wasted resources and seen zero return on their CRM investment.

In the post-lockdown landscape, businesses are adjusting to change across every sector. Staff turnover has reached unprecedented heights as individuals’ priorities and motivations shift. Not only have customers moved online, they now have radically raised expectations of the quality of experience. While new markets have opened, others have been mothballed. In the current climate, it is little wonder that businesses are reassessing their existing CRM solution and asking: why didn’t it help?

CRM is a significant investment but adopting a cloud-based system has the potential to truly transform performance, profitability and customer experience in two major ways.